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March 2023 AI-powered Drawing Tool

February 2023

Track My Bot Offers ChatGPT As A Service

January 2021

Happy New Year and JustCounts v2

October 2020

BunnyAPI v2 Now Ready

NoteToServices Supports Green-Friendly Services (Offsetting Carbon Emissions)

September 2020

September 2020 Updates For NoteToServices

May 2020

Pi Data App

Random Screenshot Random Phone

April 2020

Rewind WordPress + Plugin

March 2020

BunnyCDN+BunnyAPI WordPress Plugin

Bare Metal Host Changes In 2020

February 2020

Upload Media By URL WordPress Plugin

January 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

December 2019

End of a Decade 2019!

November 2019

Pixle Image API Conversion Service

October 2019

Pixle Image Conversion

BunnyCDN BunnyAPI Collaboration With NoteToServices

September 2019

BinCDN API Now Available!

August 2019

InvoDue: Invoice Generator

July 2019

JustCounts: Gather Counts and Other Data About Your Visitors

June 2019

RetireTheory: A New Way To Look At Retirement Project delayed

May 2019

Automate Phone Calls With NoteToCall

April 2019

Talk Back Privately With Ectochat

March 2019

Tufte Presentation Generator With WriteTufte

February 2019

The Edit Hours Project

January 2019

Host In The Works

Introduction Of NoteToServices

December 2018

Journey To Web Hosting (originally published on Hackernoon)

NoteToServices Hosting On Github

Welcome To NoteToServices

Kindle Publications

My Life As A Woman Project

Hackernoon Publications

Interview With A 10 Year Old Programmer

Admiring The Poetry Of Code

The Journey To Becoming A Web Host

Interview With A 13-Year Old Developer Entrepreneur

Competing Against The Giants As An Alternative

24 Hours Of Crypto Mining Experiment

Why Your Service Could Use Exploiting

HTML Posts — Bringing Back The Joys Of Writing HTML

Ways To Use A Virtual Number

Why I Built My Own Affiliate System

How I Used Fiverr To Promote My Product
And Attract Thousands Of Visitors And New Registrations

My Rights To Privacy

Review of the New Lily Drone


A Web Designer Perspective on the Multichannel News Release Process

The Retirement of Internet Explorer