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NoteToServices Supports Green-Friendly Services

The Push Towards Reducing Carbon Emissions By 2050

October 29, 2020 — I was never hesistant to accept and love green technology. "We use energy on Earth and we need unlimited energy, where could we possibly get that from?" *looks up* "That's right, that big ball of fire in the sky could literally power the entire Earth and generate enough energy for 50 billion humans for the next 10 million years. The sun will contnue to last and unless we do direct harvesting of our sun, it is powerful enough and close enough to the Earth to generate energy which we can convert into electricity. There is also wind- and water-powered technoogy that generates energy and electricity. As for everyday life, recycling is a must. About 10% of items we use are pure waste that can never be used again and should be burned or buried, but 90% of our waste can be used for something else, whether to re-use a bottle, re-ship a cardboard box, or simply throwing paper into a fire for heat energy.

Attesting to my own electric bill in the summer time vs. winter time vs. before solar panels puts it at less than $10 in the summertime, less than $60 to $70 in winter, and without the solar panels, and surveying neighbors, summertime with the air conditioning can clock anywhere from $50 to $200, while winter time may yield anywhere from $70 to $150 on the heat bill. There is no doubt in my mind that solar panels and solar technology with anything that offsets carbon emissions is good for the future of the human race. It only makes sense then that NoteToServices would officially declare itself green. We used and are still using DreamHost which declared itself an offiical green company almost a decade ago, for some of our hosting and storage. We are probalby not outputting as much carbon as larger companies, as we are mostly online, and barely generate any waste. But personally choosing to make choices that can offset our own carbon emissions is just our way of showing that this planet is ours to use, here for us, but we need to be here for our planet as well. If that means "not being here", meaning offsetting carbon emissions, then we are on board.

With that said, Stripe is offering a new climate program which allows for our business to invest in technology that will offset emissions. While this does not directly offset any carbon emissions, as stated, we feel it is best to pave our own way and contribute towards the cause of offsetting carbon emissions by tons during our business of operations on this planet, which leads us well into the year 2050. NoteToServices will be displaying a badge on its websites to show its cause for supporting offsetting carbon emissions. We will be contributing 0.1% of the transaction at this current time, so your continued use of any our services where the payment method is Stripe is helping to offset carbon emissions. We encourage you to do the same for your business, even if its just 0.1% to help offset carbon emissions. We believe in the vision of Stripe and are glad to contribute.