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Tufte Presentation Generator With WriteTufte

March 10, 2019WriteTufte is another project we came up with after coming across TufteCSS. The WriteTufte project was hugely inspired by Edward Tufte, and while we are not exactly associated with him, his works and ideas of data information processing and presentation make sense. With a clean cut presentation, you can get your information across. While the CSS is free for anyone to use, we borrow it from Github and personalized it so anyone can now create their own Tufte presentation.

WriteTufte not only makes writing easy, but it also helps you stay organized with your documents and even takes into consideration the presentation of side notes, which can be seen on a regular desktop, mobile, and even printed. Often times, when we write, we tend to portray information in a linear fashion. There is a beginning or opening paragraph, there is a middle, in which statements and facts are made, and often backed up with references and resources, and there is an end, or a conclusion wrapping up the point of the entire article. MLA format shows the information in the footer of the page with references being made to it in the form of the author's last name. APA format also requires a reference page after the document. These formats are still the norm and considered mainstream to use. Most universities prefer APA format, while community colleges are at the professor's discretion.

With the Tufte format, you are presenting information on the left side of the page, for the most part, with a reference as a side note on the right side of the page which can be made by typing [sidenote]This is a sidenote.[/sidenote] which will automatically put that side note text to the right upon preview and publication. This format will allow a reference to be made and seen instantly, helping to organize and present information in a more proper format style without overly complicating the section of the page, as there is plenty of space and padding between the two. The Tufte presentation makes it easier to present information in a non-clustered way and emphasizes the importance of content, while also establishing that all content still needs proper formatting and spacing.

With WriteTufte, you are able to present your information clearly. WriteTufte was meant for anyone who needs to write, especially college students and business people. Once you experience the QuillJS editor in combination with the Tufte CSS style, you will never want to write anywhere else again. We designed WriteTufte using the Tufte presentation method. Throughout the website, you will see and enjoy the easy non-cluttered style of the dashboard and editor itself. WriteTufte was designed to give you an experience of writing without distraction or any interference. Even the toolbar, not immediately present can be found by selecting text or the editor itself.

WriteTufte is completely free to use, but allows you to use your own subdomain or domain for a small fee, if you wish to personalize the experience. With domains and subdomains, we allow you to take control of the CSS so that you can style your own formatting in your document and personalize the results of the presentation the way you see fit, such as on a black background with white text instead. This feature is only available for subdomains and domains. We highly recommend giving WriteTufte again. Give WriteTufte a try today!