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BunnyCDN+BunnyAPI WordPress Plugin

March 2, 2020 — Sometime at the end of 2018, I discovered one of the most powerful and affordable solutions on the Internet for a CDN known as BunnyCDN. With BunnyCDN's CNAME feature and API, I saw a great opportunity to build BunnyAPI, which is an advanced version of BunnyCDN's API service. A combination of BunnyCDN, BunnyAPI, and WordPress makes for a very powerful solution to any problem you could ever have with storage.

When I was looking at BunnyCDN's WordPress plugin and noticed that while you could set your hostname and upload all of your CSS and Javascript files, you could not upload directly to the WordPress Media Library. This was an issue and I did contact BunnyCDN about it, but unfortunately, they had no plans to expand on their plugin.

Several months later and a ton of experience, I decided I would take on a new challenge: building a WordPress plugin. At first, it wasn't too bad, of figuring out how to write some simple code, like Hello World on its own page or even putting it on a navigation menu. I would search for "WordPress plugin generator" and "WordPress plugin templates" and while I did find some good examples of plugins, I was not satisfied with too many of them. Fortunately, looking at the plugins I had installed, it was BunnyCDN that had the best example of how to create a plugin, and after a week of studying what everything did and relearning how to use class functions, I was underway with building a WordPress plugin for BunnyAPI.

After uploading my first free plugin, Upload Media By URL, and learning how the submission process works, along with spending hours ensuring my plugins and readme files contained proper documentation, I submitted my plugin, and it was approved within the week. This is the second plugin I have submitted and fortunately, following the guidelines and just commenting and documenting code as best as I could, they both got approved.

You can download the BunnyAPI WordPress plugin and start uploading your images to BunnyCDN instead of your local storage area. This plugin is pretty simple to use and does not change the way any files are uploaded. You can store an unlimited amount of files and even adjust the settings so that everything remains cached for the entire year, speeding up your website greatly. If you need additional instructions, be sure to read the entire Readme.txt file.