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New Host In The Works

January 31, 2019 — Last year, we at NoteToServices spent time building a WordPress Managed Hosting solution to take away the many pain points of finding a host, installing WordPress, finding and activating the necessary plugins, and optimizing the WordPress platform. We decided to build a host we called WP Bubble which would take care and automate just about every process for the web developer or web designer, including optimizing the server, automating the backup process, taking care of all things htaccess, blocking bad bots, daily malware scans, taking care of the cache, automatically configuring the security settings, and even enhanced with Cloudflare for optimal performance. It was definitely a success for us — and our clients. It was our first attempt at building our own web host and we succeeded. While the marketing was little, we did acquire 2 or 3 clients in 2018 who are very happy to have their websites on WP Bubble. However, this host was specifically designed for WordPress and we wanted something for all of the projects we were not using Wordpress for, and thus, we came up with a brand new hosting solution: Bare Metal Host.

Bare Metal Host comes with all the power of a dedicated server without the associated costs of a dedicated server, which can range upwards of $60-$300. To rent the server comes at a heavily discounted price if you decide to go on the yearly plan, saving you over 4,500% in costs. The Bare Metal Host gives you access to an Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3-1270v6 @ 3.80GHz CPU. While it is not Cloudflare enhanced, it is amazingly fast and will run just about everything you throw at it. You have access to very powerful resources that cannot be found on any cheap VPS plans. With every website comes free SSL, access to sFTP and SSH, a database, automated database backups, and an unlimited CDN storage service.

Most importantly, you are quite literally receiving the power of 8 cores to process your website. No other host can really compete with that. We are quite proud of our work and think of it as an ongoing project, but have provided the very greatest basics that you could possibly need to run your website without worry.

If you want to give our new host a try, get started for as little as $2.49 per website by signing up for a yearly subscription. You will not find this savings anywhere else, and if you do, that price often comes with a one-year agreement. Your price will never change as long as you stay signed up to the service. Any time we raise our prices, you will be grandfathered into any plans that you do not cancel.

We have several other projects going on this year as well, including getting NoteToEmail, NoteToVoice, and NoteToText fully functioning and operational. We are also working on a bare-minimum writing platform called WriteTufte that minimizes distractions yet displays information and content beautifully. And a latest project suggestion that we are also working on is called EditHours which keeps track of the times you have been working on something, including how much you should be charging, so you don't lose track of your time or money. So stick around and keep visiting for updates!