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Rewind WordPress With WordPress Plugin

May 3, 2020Rewind WP is a service that that compliments the WordPress process by offering the ability to rewind your WordPress website to an earlier time, complete with automation. Currenlty, there are no plugins or any service that exists like this product. Everything that exists requires manual input and just the backup process is automated.

We have yet to find any plugins or services that do the job of Rewind WP to automate the service of automated restoration from a backup. We built this product within our WordPress managed hosting service, WP Bubble, and while it has been largely underutilized, we have setup a sample website to show you exactly what it does at WP Bubble Test. Every 10 minutes, no matter what you have done on the website, it will be reverted back to its original status when we first set it. A snapshot of the essential files are created including the database itself, the wp-content folder, and the wp-config.php file.

Rewind WP is not a backup service, but always holds a copy of your database as well as a snapshot of all files within your wp-content folder. The purpose of Rewind WP is to restore your website to an earlier time. For example, if you wish for a customer to interact or engage with your website or theirs, but you do not want any changes they make to be saved, Rewind WP makes a copy of the database at the time you start your rewind and will continue to reset for the duration you chose. Start time is any given time in a 24-hour day that allows you to start your rewind. Once the duration is occurs, the copy of the database as well as the snapshot that Rewind WP has will be used as a guideline for how your website should look and what should be on it.

To explain further, if you or your visitors create a new post or page, but you have already set a Rewind point to every 10 minutes, then any posts or pages, including media, plugins, and themes, will be forgotten and deleted from the server, as the purpose of Rewind WP is to detect anomolies different from its the database that you set as a rewind point. Whether a client creates posts, pages, adds new plugins or themes, any data on the WordPress website will be reverted back to the original database copy. This process is also known as a Demo Stage and is seen everywhere in marketing and advertising.

A Demo Stage is similar to a staging house set up in real estate, in which a professional will stage a house for potential buyers. If the real estate agent wants a young couple who has no children yet, they might stage it to show a very clean house, with an additional room that might even host a series of children's items. This type of advertising convinces the potential buyer that if they did, indeed, have children, this could definitely look like their child's room. Demo Stages are also set with food, from the lighting to the look of the food, it is perfect in every way. However, when you actually do order the food, it looks much different. However, the marketing of the demo stage served its purpose.

With Rewind WP, you can set your website up as a beautiful demo stage and let your audience engage with the website, do whatever they please, and have no worries about anything they could do to the website, as as it is all rewound back to its original state. No harm, no foul. This is the only service right now that exists of its kind. While you can download the plugin, it is not a standalone and both the Rewind WP website and the Rewind WP plugin do coordinate with each other to ensure a flawless syncing of communication between your website and Rewind WP.