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Happy New Year 2020

January 2, 2020 — We spent last year, 2019, bulding a variety of services with a goal to build one project per month in 2019. We technically succeeded, although the idea one project remained an idea and has yet to actually take off the ground, while the other one was started in December 2019 and has was ongoing until February.

We really hope you had a goo year, but if you didn't, it's an entire new decade, filled with wonder and mystery and a new path for anything you want to do in your life. NoteToServices was once a dream, yet we've managed to acquire thousands of users for our products. While we haven't fully been successful in quitting our day jobs and making this a full-time effort, we are coming up with more projects that make using other company's products easier, including our first collaboration project with a client base of 35,000+ webistes. We have been working with BunnyCDN and while we took most of the direction when it came to this project, we were in communication with BunnyCDN every step of the way. They granted us permission to use their name and trademark, so long as we distinguished that we were working with BunnyCDN and not actually them, which definitely paved way to create not only a brand new BunnyCDN API service, but a BunnyAPI WordPress plugin as well.

There were about 5-6 projects that we began but have yet to complete. These projects include NoteToEmail, NoteToText, NoteToVoice, RetireTheory, which was a project dedicated to helping people understand the importance of savings and retirement, and a few other projects as well. Our goal is to get to these this year and complete them all — or start the ones that became a solid idea, but we just unfortunately became too busy to actually start doing. While we have abandoned some projects we started, we have plenty still in the works, as well as new ideas that may come in 2020.

We hope you have a wonderful New Year and continue to enjoy using our services. Without you, this company and our desire to build these products would not be possible. We appreciate you taking the time to check out our services and even those of you who found our products useful and are using them in your everyday work life or personal life, we appreciate you. You are the reason we keep doing what we do. Have a great year!