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RetireTheory: A New Way To Think About Retirement

June 6, 2019 — In an early introduction to a concept of RetireTheory, I had to give a presentation at work for LAWW, or Learn At Work Week, for which I volunteered to give a presentation. To back up to a few months ago, I had visited a college friend of mine in Colorado for the weekend who I hadn't seen in years. I learned he was working as a financial advisor and we were discussing money management and we got into a talk about retirement, to which I had him check my financial status in retirement. Naturally, to me, putting away extra money into your savings is what you do because if you ever want to stop working, you have to start saving something.

After speaking with a few people at my day job, I learned that not many of them have put much away for retirment, so I decided for LAWW, I would update people on the concept and get them to understand all about retirement in a new way. This is not to say that you should put off living your life now in favor of living it later. Not at all. It's about learning to cut where you can cut: do you really need to eat fast food everyday? Is your health really not that important? Do you even have a goal to your first million dollars? If not, why not? What's your excuse? Does your company have a 401k that you aren't utilizing? Do you know what an IRA is?

The idea of retirement, of getting old, of getting your first gray hair isn't offput, as if millennials believe they aren't going to get old. They might think: "I'm going to just keep working until I die" or "I'll start saving someday" and someday never seems to come ever. So why is there the disconnect about the reality of retirement and the misconcpetion of retirement and the actual savings towards retirement? For the project of June 2019 and beyond, we decided to take on the challenge of developing a blog-tool-resource center in order to help people understand retirement and help them save, or at least understand their savings for retirement and how much they are going to need, how much they should be putting away, etc.

Currently, it is simply just a form on a page to grab emails to see if people are interested at all. Once we acquire enough emails of people who are interested, we'll start developing a lot more of the product which will likely go through a free beta stage for testing, and may ultimately become a pay-to-use tool, with a discount for early users. If you're interested in retiring and not working for the rest of your life, or just retirement in general, and would like to know how to save more money, feel free to sign up to the email list at