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Bare Metal Host Changes In 2020

March 10, 2020 — As we progress into the new year, we are revamping some of our web applications. While we do strive to keep our products up to date as best as we can, we consider new features that we didn't add at first, we weren't experienced enough to add at the time, requests for features, or features that simply aren't very popular or just features that we no longer wish to support. While we always strive to provide the best, we are looking at the functionality of certain web applications to shape it into a more refined product. In this case, we took a look at one of our projects, Bare Metal Host.

Bare Metal Host was built with a simple purpose in mind: give users the power of a Bare Metal Server, while allowing them to host their websites on it. Never before has or will anyone offer such a deal of the power of a Bare Metal Server. In this case, we are offering you tiny slice of Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3-1270v6 @ 3.80GHz with 32 GB memory and 4 cores at 8 threads. The power is beyond anything your website or web application could ever need, but it is provided at a very affordable cost, with the only catch being commitment. You can have a slice for $29.49 per year. For additional details on Bare Metal Host, you can read our article on Host In The Works.

We wanted to keep Bare Metal Host simple, secure, and powerful. With its sister site, WP Bubble, we focused on bringing you WordPress Managed Hosting. With Bare Metal Host, we focused on bringing you the full power of 4 cores. However, we also offered automated backups, unlimited CDN storage, unlimited support, and daily malware scans. While these features are certainly worth a lot on their own, we were including them in the plan. As we continue to build more products, however, we do need to drop support for some. These four features are being dropped from Bare Metal Host.

We decided on these four because of what they were and what our aim of Bare Metal Host was. The purpose of Bare Metal Host was to provide a fully managed website, but offer you the basics for your website, not any additional tools. While this may feel like an inconvenience to some, we feel this will not take away from any of our users. In this case, our priority is to provide you with a small website that commands power. Automated backups of the database are no longer created. Your account will no longer have access to unlimited CDN storage. As an alternative, we do recommend using BinCDN. We feel that our product is solid enough that you do not need any kind of support at all, particularly unlimited, and you may contact us at any time. Finally, we feel that while our users have the freedom to build whatever they wish, it would be rare for a malware or a hacker to infiltrate your website.

This is not to say that malware scans and server scans are not being done. We are just not displaying the results of any malware scans on your website. If we do detect anything on your website in any of the scans, we will send you an email to personally check the file or question you about the status of a file. However, we do not feel this should be an issue at all.

We are still always working on Bare Metal Host and making it better. Going forward, we can focus fully on the exact functionality of the product which provides you with 1 GB of SSD and a MySQL database. Additional features include the ability to use your own custom domain, automated cron jobs, free SSL, no core or memory restrictions, SSH/sFTP access, git and node installed, and all within a sandboxed environment.

We are the only ones offering such a deal and you cannot use a Bare Metal Server without paying a fortune for it. When you hop on our Bare Metal Server, you are given the full power of the gears to use as much processing power as you need to keep your website running. We have a 99.9% SLA. We do have a limited amount of accounts available, so experience the power and sign up for your Bare Metal Server today.