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Track My Bot Offers ChatGPT As A Service

February 19, 2023 — It's been a while since we're publishing something new. However, it never meant we were never busy! We have been working in the background, coming up with new products since our untimely demise of a crashed server that left us scrambling around to recover. We have recovered quite a few web applications, some were backed up and others are now gone. However, as technology is progressing, we're still exploring and creating new web applications.

Months ago when OpenAI released ChatGPT, we weren't keen to fully understanding its capabilities. We overlooked it until someone suggested to give it a second glance and after combing through to see what it was capable of, we were amazed at what it could do, relying on statistical datasets to deliver answers based on questions asked. While it is still far from perfect, it is on its way to proving itself a very powerful type of artificial intelligence. ChatGPT comes with four engine models, all names after a genius or computer programmer who helped advance the computer age.

These models are Davinci, Curie, Babbage, and Ada. Davinci is the most advanced and powerful model that leans more towards liberal arts when answering questions. Curie is much more direct and to the point with its answers. Babbage tends to focus on data analysis, while Ada is more focused on computer programming responses. Each have their own pros and cons which you can explore as you use the TrackMyBot product.

Then we asked it to do something for itself: design a website for yourself. And it did. Okay, we didn't ask exactly that question, but we asked multiple questions and asked for the code for it, leading ChatGPT to develop a website for itself. With our own unique thoughts on the project, we decided to move forward and are sharing the results with you today. In collaboration with ChatGPT, we developed TrackMyBot which is a free service that anyone can use. Of course, there are some overhead costs that come with it, so we are relying on potential developers who wish to further their use of the service by offering an API that costs a few pennies to use. We are also in the process of setting some ads in order to keep it free forever.