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BunnyAPI v2 Now Ready

October 29, 2020 — After our server crashed, it was quite devastating considering the line of work and amount of data we held. Fortunately, we have learned from our mistakes. Also, we aren't BunnyCDN, so our customers never lost any of their data. BunnyAPI serves as the medium for communication between your website and the BunnyCDN website. BunnyCDN offers its own API service which is already great, but we fine-tuned it for a user-friendly interface that does not require more than a minute or two to setup.

BunnyAPI makes uploading, downloading, and deleting easy and you can plug-and-play into any of your apps that supports the cURL feature. You can even send commands to the CDN via URL commandline. To explore the extend of the usefulness and utility of, we built a WordPress plugin using the exact URL commandlines of BunnyAPI to make the connection between your website,, and

The WordPress plugin is free to download and use, but will require you to have an account at BunnyCDN and BunnyAPI. With the creation of this plugin other tools, there is really no limit you can do when it comes to bridging the gap of making uploading and storing data on a CDN. It is safer, faster, and much more secure.

Explore both at BunnyAPI and find the plugin in the WordPress respository or at But before you do, make sure you have an account at BunnyCDN.