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End Of The Year, End Of The Decade, New Decade

December 5, 2019 — We are in the last month of 2019 and have had quite a busy year from our personal lives to our professional lives, visiting places like Sedona and Malaysia, one for personal vacation, and the other for a professional business partnership. We are employed by a company called RunCloud, which is a control panel for your cloud server.

NoteToServices was hired to do some technical writing services for SEO. We have been working with RunCloud for over a year and a half, making suggestions, pointing out bugs that need fixing, and trying to ensure the product was designed for your ease-of-use in mind. For the most part, RunCloud has listed to nearly everything we've helped out with and continued to be a valued partner. We work with several companies, either building products for them or improving their service via suggestions and communication.

It was quite accidental that we fell into this line of work. We were simply aiming at developing our own products, but along the way, we had to use other products and services that helped us with our personal and professional life. In doing so, we learned a lot along the way, and realized just how powerful the API business could be. Thus, we started developing API services for our willing clients who either did not want to maintain their own API, or saw the value in the twist we put on their own API service. Most API services are hardly ever "out of the box", and do require some knowledge of development, but with a few data inputs, we can have you up and running and using a product in no time.

We have had a very busy 2019 and hope to keep going for 2020! While we have no immediate plans for making anything big this year, we are focusing on the things we already built, improving the services, fixing the API, and developing mini-apps that are useful by themselves, or serve as a compliment to some bigger web application. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you in the New Year! A decade is over and a new one is to begin!