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Pixle API Conversion Service

November 13, 2019 — With a successful release of on Hacker News, in which we were excited to release a free conversion tool that helps us in so many ways as well as others, we wanted to bring another way for developers to also use the tool via code instead of only being able to use it manually. offers over 35 different conversions, and over 30 conversions are available via the API tool. We will store the files on our server for up to 24 hours and developers may grab the converted file result from our server without issue. While the conversion tool itself is free, we are offering the API as a paid service, in which the rate will be $0.005 per successful conversion. Developers must sign up for a Pixle Key in order to use the API service. The Pixle Key never expires and there is no limit on the amount of API keys assigned to a single developer and it be cancelled at any time.

This tool is great for developer who need an affordable service to convert files including jpg to png, jpg to webp, png to jpg, png to webp, mp4 to mp3, gif to mp4, mp4 to gif, URL to pdf, and many more. offers an cURL example for PHP but it will work in any language, as long as the correct URL is provided. We hope all developers find this tool as useful as we do and look forward to it being as successful as our free tool. API can be found here: