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NoteToServices and BunnyCDN In Collaboration

October 1, 2019 — As one of our favorite CDNs, NoteToServices is now in collaboration with BunnyCDN to develop an easy-to-use API system that allows developers to build their own CDN using the BunnyCDN service. We are not taking over BunnyCDN, but simply providing an API service to facilitate the proesses of a CDN.

We have been using BunnyCDN as our primary CDN for multiple projects including BinCDN which enhances BunnyCDN's features with an extended tracking service as well as other features. We are very pleased with the results of BunnyCDN. From helping the Bunny Team patch up some minor bugs, we came to really understand the power of this CDN with its extreme affordability. BunnyCDN takes a lot of the load off of many of our projects and as we have been learning more about the service, we have been relying on BunnyCDN to do a lot of the work. BunnyCDN is responsible for publishing InvoDue invoices, storing files to BinCDN, and even stores unlimited files for BareMetalHost.

We wish to give the gift of this great service by providing you with a third-party service that works well with BunnyCDN. This service is called BunnyAPI and simplifies the API process by providing a unique API key that keeps your BunnyCDN credentials secure while providing you with all the tools you need to run a CDN service. We will also be enhancing the BunnyCDN WordPress plugin by giving users the ability to upload to BunnyCDN through the Wordpress Media Library. We abide by BunnyCDN's terms and data privacy policy.

Sign up for your BunnyCDN account and if you are a developer wanting to build your own CDN, head over to BunnyAPI where we provide you with an easy-to-understand API that can be activated with curl. BunnyCDN is not a free service nor is BunnyAPI. Pricing for both products remains very affordable and far cheaper than most other CDNs you will find out there.