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JustCounts — Keep track of visitors to your website, blog, or email

July 30, 2019 — After looking at multiple websites for an Internet web counter that keeps track of the visitors along with other details, we found that most of them were outdated, unsecure, and barely maintained. While the options for a variety of image counters were available, they looked mostly ugly or outdated. In addition, we also saw most of these website traffic counters using Javascript to keep track of visitors. We decided to improve upon the already existing code out there and build our own.

The real inspiration for this project came from another project, InvoDue, which generates invoices and collects payment. InvoDue keeps all invoices on a static CDN and therefore a Javascript code or a pure PHP code would be inefficient for us. The issue with a Javascript counter is that they are not getting the accurate count, often relying on the browser to load and sometimes miscounting in increments of two. We needed a more accurate count and came up with a static image count generator that is 99% accurate on every page load.

Simply navigate to JustCounts, click on Open Counter, and copy and paste your code on whatever page you'd like to keep track of. You may also add a hidden tracker to keep track of geodata. The Basic version of JustCounts is free to use and offers insight into the number of visits to the page, while the Pro version offers a lot more customization, such as changing the text of the counter, resetting or changing the counter, and the colors, and tracking data including where the visitor came from, the city, state, and country they live in, unique visitors, browser, operating system, and useragent.

The Pro version can be obtained by upgrading the Basic version for a yearly fee of $12. You may view the stats of the counter at any time or delete the counter to remove all data from our platform. The counter is very easy to use and you may generate an unlimited amount of counters. Every counter is unique and will need to be upgraded individually.

Give JustCounts a try today!