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Automate Phone Calls With NoteToCall

May 1, 2019 — The idea was to build a robocaller with heart and the ability to automate phone calls. While we certainly understand the possible negative implications of this, we wanted to ensure that we take all preventative measures and attempt to preven any type of abuse, even adding a DO NOT CALL list. With that said, we wanted to make clear what this project was intended for: to schedule automated phone calls for reminding others or leaving sweet notes with NoteToCall.

Whether you are an individual or business including a parent or a business, you can remind your kids — or clients via phone call to do something that you need. Send a love note to your spouse or remind all of your employees of a meeting happening with a phone call. If you are a business, you can upload a phone number list and send messages to all of your clients, or you can upload a number list of your children's phone numbers to schedule a call. Prefer an Australian or British or Spanish accent? Choose the accent of your choosing. You may also choose the voice of male or female.

You may use the number we provide for free or you may purchase your own from any of the 50 United States for $195/month and all calls start at a minimum of 3 cents per minute per call. Rates outside of the United States and Canada may vary. You will never be charged before the call is sent and you may cancel calls at any time. You may also schedule calls for any time in the future and for as long as our service lasts, we will make sure your call goes through.

You may add an unlimited amount of phone calls to call, but ensure you have credits, as once your credits drop, calls will no longer go through. We accept Paypal only. Feel free to give NoteToCall a try today and we'll give you 3 cents just to give it a try as well as match your first payment, meaning if you add $10 to your account, we'll make it $20 by giving you $10 for free. We know you've got people to call, so why not automate the whole process? Try our service today!